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Reliable Home and Commercial Building Inspector in Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania

Whether you are buying or selling a home or making sure that your commercial building is compliant with safety and structural standards, our team of experienced home and commercial building inspectors is ready to help you out. 

The Johnson Team, LLC has years of valuable experience in inspecting the interior and exterior of residential and commercial properties. 

Trust that we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report that includes all the information you need. 

We offer home and commercial building inspection services in the following areas: 

If you are searching for a trusted inspector in Maryland, Washington DC, or Pennsylvania, The Johnson Team, LLC is the company to call. 

What Do Home Inspection Services Include? 

Unless you’re planning to buy or sell a home, it is likely that you’re taking the need for inspections for granted. 

Truth be told, many homeowners rarely hire an inspector to check on the condition of their home until they actually need it for insurance, new construction, remodeling, and other reasons. 

Home inspections can help you determine the current condition of your home so that you can foresee potential problems and issues and repair damages before they become worse. 

As a home inspector for over a decade now, we make sure that our crew here at The Johnson Team, LLC thoroughly understands each aspect of your home – we know where to look, what to check, and ensure that all important details are included in our home inspection report. 

Home inspection services typically include the inspection of the interior and exterior areas of your property.

Interior areas include the overall structure of your home, floors and ceilings, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, hallways, attic, basement, garage, and more. 

Exterior areas include sidings, grounds, foundation, crawl spaces, and the roof. 

The Johnson Team, LLC is the company you can trust for all of your home inspection needs. We also offer radon and mold inspection services. 

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There are many inspectors out there, but only a few can confidently say that they are offering the highest quality services from honest and reliable professionals while keeping prices competitive. 

We are The Johnson Team, LLC. We are the home inspection and commercial building inspection contractor you need. 

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