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The Johnson Team, LLC is your #1 choice for all of your home and commercial building inspection needs. When dealing with potential mold and building structure, it is important to hire a team that is reliable and has experience in the industry. Our inspections are thorough and come with a comprehensive report of the findings. We go the extra mile and don’t leave your home or commercial building until all of your questions have been answered.

If your home or commercial building is in need of a detailed inspection by professionals, give The Johnson Team, LLC a call today! We proudly service Baltimore City, MD, all of Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

Home Inspection
Home Inspector

Home Inspector

There are a number of reasons that you may need to have your home inspected by a professional home inspection team such as The Johnson Team. Some of these reasons include:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Buying a commercial property
  • Renting property
  • If you suspect that your home has mold
  • And more

When looking for the right team to do your inspection, consider The Johnson Team. We are a trusty team of individuals that go above and beyond during their inspections. Our full comprehension home inspections include the following:

  • Interior areas
  • Structure
  • Floors & Ceilings
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Exterior areas
  • Siding
  • Grounds
  • Foundation
  • Crawl space
  • Roof

Based on all the added expenses that you might end up paying without a home inspection such as fixing a broken water heater, plumbing issues, and foundation problems, the minimal cost of $200-$600 for the inspection is definitely worth it. Homebuyers are often stressed out about money and think that they can save a few dollars by skipping a home inspection. In reality, an inspection can be the best investment you make in your home and it can give you peace of mind when you finally decide to buy.

If you’re in need of a home inspector and other inspection services near Baltimore City, MD, all of Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, give us a call today! We look forward to ensuring your safety in your home and commercial building. We offer special rates and services to Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers.

Commercial Building Inspections

Having a commercial building is a big responsibility as you have to ensure that the building is safe for clients, employees, and customers at all times. Because of this, a commercial building inspection should be on your to-do list. When hiring the professionals at The Johnson Team, LLC., you will be receiving a comprehensive inspection. We even provide a multitude of different types to meet your needs and wants. Some of the commercial building inspections that we offer includes:

  • Commercial building inspections
  • Mold inspections
  • Radon inspections
  • Indoor air quality inspection
  • Infrared scanning
  • Allergen sampling
  • And more

We look forward to ensuring your full knowledge of conditions relevant to the property. We proudly offer our services in Baltimore City, MD, all of Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We can be reached at (410) 501-0373.

Customer Reviews

Mwansa C.
Apr 27, 2023
 by Mwansa C. on The Johnson Team, LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Darrel Johnson as my home inspector for my recent home purchase and it was truly a wonderful experience. From start to finish, Darrel was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough in his inspection process.

Not only did Darrel arrive on time and with a positive attitude, but he took the time to explain his process and answer any questions I had about the inspection. Throughout the inspection, he demonstrated a keen eye for detail and made sure to cover every inch of the property to ensure nothing was missed. As a first time home buyer this was so important to me because it was all new to me.

What impressed me the most about Darrel was his dedication to his craft. He went above and beyond to make sure that my home was inspected thoroughly and provided a comprehensive report that highlighted potential issues, outlined maintenance concerns, and provided helpful suggestions for how to address them.

I highly recommend Darrel Johnson as a home inspector for anyone looking to purchase a new home. His professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail are unmatched in the industry, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. Thank you, Darrel!

Pamela Turner
Jan 20, 2023
 by Pamela Turner on The Johnson Team, LLC
Pamela Turner

Mr. Johnson was wonderful. He was very thorough in his approach and execution of my home inspection. I really took comfort in the fact that it was important to him that I understood everything that was uncovered within the home inspection. He doesn’t rush, he takes his time which results in you having the proper home inspection that you require and deserve. I highly recommend Darrel Johnson and will surely use him again. I was very much satisfied with his professional services.

Rick Davis
Jan 20, 2023
 by Rick Davis on The Johnson Team, LLC
Rick Davis

If I had to write a definition for the word professional it would be Mr. Johnson. I cannot express how thorough, competinent, patient, professional and detail oriented Mr. Johnson was in performing our house inspection. His fee are fair and he is punctual.

He found several issue with our prospective house that would have been unpleasant surprises. His report made plain and clear major issues that would not have been obvious to us until it was too late.

Amber Phaire
Jan 20, 2023
 by Amber Phaire on The Johnson Team, LLC
Amber Phaire

I'm in the process of purchasing my first home, and I had the pleasure of working with Darrell Johnson for my home inspection. The home I'm buying was built in the late 1800s; and I was really impressed with Darrell's careful attention to detail. He provided me with a very thorough report that clearly outlined all of the conditions and items he recommended following up on. Aside from his excellent professionalism, Darrell made sure to answer all my (and my realtors) many questions and concerns about the infrastructure. I would highly recommend the Johnson Team to anyone in need of a property inspection!

Julie Steffanoff
Jan 20, 2023
 by Julie Steffanoff on The Johnson Team, LLC
Julie Steffanoff

I had worked with the Johnson Team before and so choose them to do the inspection on the home I had just selected. The are outstanding! I will use them again anytime. They give you the best inspection you can get nothing is to small of a detail to be inspected. Very nice, professional and honest. I would recommend them to every one;

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